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I let her in my veins
WOW!!!! [14 Jan 2011|03:18pm]
[ mood | blank ]

soo it's been a really really long time since I posted. I don't really know what to post lol.

I let her in my veins
The Life in Hell [11 Jan 2009|01:52pm]
[ mood | devious ]

Well I know I haven't written in a long time but here it goes...

I'm in JobCorps and got my G.E.D. plus My drivers permit. (Stay off the sidewalk)

I'm engaged as well, to a great guy named Wallace granted he is a bit of a 'tard. But who isn't?

My mom moved in with my sister in Reno so now I'm going there every weekend.

I also got a new tattoo on my left calf in memory of my father who passed away this past summer.

And soon I will be 21 stay out of the pubs!

Other than that life is pretty boring.

I love you all and missed ya.

Wacky zacky

I let her in my veins
+sighs+ [06 Jul 2008|09:38am]
[ mood | blank ]

Hi all,

This past week has been really depressing. Why you ask?

On Monday my dad was killed in a car accident. He had a heart attack while driving and jumped the median. then drove headlong into a Semi. Luckily he didn't feel any pain. That night I knew something was wrong but I could place my finger on it. I was very quiet and a monster fucking headache.

I didn't find out until Tuesday, when my aunt and my sister came home early from work. they told me to sit down and that they needed to tell me something. I was scared as hell. I thought something had happened to my mom or my grandparents. I never thought that it was my dad. Then my aunt told me it was my dad and my fucking crumbled at that moment.

I never thought my dad, would go out so soon. Sure he was my mom's ex- husband, but after they divorced he was still my fucking dad. He was the only source of parental male guidance I had. He was the fucking bomb. He tried to teach me how to play Tennis his favorite sport next to football and baseball. He cheered me on at my soccer games and told I could anything and that I was one of the most beautiful girls in the world.

Anyway on Tuesday I called my now so called friend Ryan to help comfort me.... But did he? Oh hell fucking no! He wanted me to go to his house to screw around! Fuck that shit! I'm over here mourning my dad's death and he wants to have sex! But I called my other best friend Jessie I love her so much. and she came by and took me and my sister to an adult store to laugh at the porn and what not.

The rest of the weekdays were a fucking blur until Friday.

On the fucking fourth of July I went to bother My good ole Jade. She was the only person besides Jessie to make me feel better. We made sugar cookies and got into a flour fight I lost. +sighs+ People should flour into hair products! I fucking works. I'm serious, my hair stayed in place. until I took a shower. Granted before said flour fight we went swimming. We watched the fireworks and passed the fuck out.


Was my dad's memorial...

+Heavy sighs+ I didn't quite get the punched in the gut realization until me and my mom got to the church. I saw my lil brother. My dad's son, god does he look just like him. I was the first to speak which as my Uncle Ron said took some big stones. And he said this to my grandfather! You know at that point when your a lil kid and you don't want to be touched? I felt like that all yesterday when it came to those people who turned up to mourn my dad. afterwards I went back to Jades and went swimming and her mom's yummy food. Oh not to mention that it was my mom's birthday as well.

what about sunday you ask??

Going back home to celebrate my mom and my aunts birthdays. YAY! not really.

I let her in my veins
Drunk........ [19 Jun 2008|11:37pm]
[ mood | ditzy ]

I'm drunk and I posted to my fan fic journal so go check it out. the lj name is zackyxinked.

Life is fucking fucked up at the moment I have to leave my babies, you know who you are. I don't want to But I have to. +pout+

I let her in my veins
NIKKI SIXX !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [04 Jun 2008|11:52pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

2 And trust her with my lifes - I let her in my veins
quizness!!!! [04 Jun 2008|10:47pm]

What Bad Ass Rock Legend Are you? *with pictures*
created with QuizFarm.com
You scored as Tommy Lee

You are Tommy Lee!

The Motley Crue bad boy who likes picking fights and wearing pvc and facepaint!.......Although you have the sense to film you supermodel girlfriend suckin you off!

Tommy Lee


Kurt Cobain


Billie Joe Armstrong


Ozzy Osbourne!


Jimi Hendrix




James Hetfield


Which sex toy is your favorite?
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You scored as Hand Cuffs.

Hand Cuffs.






Your boy/girl friend


Butt Plug/Anal beads


Your own hand


Small animals




What Heavy Metal song are you?
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You scored as Dyers Eve-Metallica

You got Dyers Eve! You hate your parents and love fast songs...congratulations!

Skin O' My Teeth-Megadeth


Dyers Eve-Metallica


This love-Pantera


The number of the beast-Iron Maiden


Purple Haze-Jimi Hendrix


Shadows Fall- The light that blinds


4 And trust her with my lifes - I let her in my veins
Randomness [04 Jun 2008|09:53pm]
[ mood | amused ]

Who's your celebrity soul mate? (for girls)
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You scored as Johnny Knoxville

Johnny Knoxville


Dane Cook


Justin Timberlake


Adrian Brody


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Zac Efron


What Type of Lesbian Are You? (Inspired by Curve Mag.)
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The Femme Fatale


The Student Dyke


The Stud


The Quasi-Gothic Femme


The Surprise! Dyke


The Vaginal-Reference-Making Dyke


The Bohemian Dyke


The Pretty-Boi Dyke


The Hipster Dyke


The Granola Dyke


The Magic Earring Ken Dyke


What Cat Feature Would Enhance Your Personality?
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Kitty to the Nitty Gritty


Cat Fur


1 And trust her with my life - I let her in my veins
ex's and o's [04 Jun 2008|05:59pm]
[ mood | blah ]

What's up freaks and nerds?????

So life thus far is awesome..... (not really)

My family is fucked up as ever, between my sister, my mom and my aunt; I'll be running to Syn's house and maybe Ryans. IF he's lucky!!!!!!



I let her in my veins
Cheers! [27 May 2008|11:35am]
[ mood | weird ]


After Five or six shots of tequila you could do some crazy shit! But if you're me? You wind up Sitting in your best friends room all comfy like and watch Heavy Metal the movie form like the 80's. Great times right?


I confessed my love to the person that I'm love with and they were happy to hear it. I think ^.^

My ex-boyfriend has a new woman. Thank god!!!! He can leave me alone now. Even though he's moving to where I live, thank gods not the same building. But he wants me to help him move, I think it's a ploy. That Perverted freak!!!!!! I talked to him last night and he wanted to know if I had sex this weekend?!?!?!?!?! WTF!

Enough rambling......

Seeya'll at the rock show!

Wacky Zacky

4 And trust her with my lifes - I let her in my veins
Turn my black roses red. [22 May 2008|02:45pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

+Sighs+ Here it goes......

1.My sister is a total bitch, she rubs her boyfriend in my face.Acting all sweet and cute with him but the minuet he leaves to go home she turns to a fucking PITA!!!!! All fucking Emo and shit, being rude to me acting as if I'm the one that made him go home. I like the guy but shit, he's not all that great. I mean I'm glad she's getting over Jade but DAMN!!!!( a la Syn gates) Now She's pushing for me and my ex to get back together since he's moving up to where we live. I've been telling her I don't want to go back to a unhealthy relationship of drinking, drugs,sex and verbal abuse. Fuck that.

2.My Aunt Mo and her demon spawn!!!!!! the five month old is the sweetest baby I've ever met. But his three year old brother.....That's a different story completely! The kid kicks,punch's, bites, throws shit at me and laughs. But he doesn't really do it anyone else when Jade isn't with me. And all his mom can seem to do is yell at him and it doesn't even phase the damn kid.

3.My love life is fucked up.... It sucks falling for someone, when you don't want to. I tired of being lonely, but damn why me? I love the other person so much it sucks. I don't know why or how it happened it just did. I feel like a dirty fool.

I let her in my veins
Without you [15 May 2008|12:46pm]
[ mood | confused ]

Hey freaks and geeks,

Life sucks as always! We lost out cat only to find him outside at like elven at night. I think I'm getting feeling's again for someone though I will never name them! I hate love but I always seem to fall in love when I don't want to!!! >.<

What is up wiht that you don't want to love anyone but you end up doing it anyway!! I pisses me off!!!

Anyway enough of my rambling.


5 And trust her with my lifes - I let her in my veins
Ink and piercings [12 May 2008|02:15pm]
[ mood | creative ]

Hello all you beautiful people.....

This past weekend I got my first tattoo !!! WO0t!!! And I got my snake bites so now I'm closer to my Zacky goal!

My younger cousin's came up for mothers day, big deal. Their wiggers and I can't stand wiggers. My sister was all over them of course; they would just look at me and stare because of my snake bites.

Like I care what they think.

Love and peace,



9 And trust her with my lifes - I let her in my veins
Life is beautiful [05 May 2008|03:12pm]
[ mood | bitchy ]

My sucks right now...

My boyfriend and I split and my world is too fucking crazy!!! The only thing saving me is music, Nikki Sixx, Kat von D and my best friend Syn. My aunt and two fucking kids are driving me up the fucking wall! The baby not so much but the three year old demon spawn has got it coming that for sure!

So an old freind from high school found me on Myspace and has been chatting with on the comp. It's really fucking creepy. I thought this kid would end up dead or in prison but no he's not. He's somewhat normal in my sense of the word.

any away......

enogh of my rambling.

Seeya on the flip

I let her in my veins
Ex-girlfriend [26 Mar 2008|04:12am]
[ mood | gloomy ]

This song goes out to my ex's they know who they are

I let her in my veins
My collage [10 Mar 2008|04:01pm]
My Interests Collage!Collapse )

I let her in my veins
Meep!! [10 Mar 2008|02:46pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Well I haven't posted in forever and I'm sorry not that it really matters.

But here it goes!!!!

Life has sucked recently since I was let go from Mervyns working the christmas season sucked worse than Jessica Simpson's last album! I got a new boyfriend he's a real gem! His name is Ryan and he's a gamer YAY!!! (most of the time)

So now I have a new job working for lifetouch it's a studio inside of JC Penny's. Plus my Syn is leaving for a few day to see my Revvie Rev in Georgia! I'm happy but sad at the same time.

Well that's as much as I can dish out now

Seeya when I see ya



ZackyXinked will be posting more often

2 And trust her with my lifes - I let her in my veins
My life is................. [16 Dec 2007|02:16pm]
[ mood | naughty ]

Wickedly sweet right now. Seeing A7X live then going back to Diana's and getting smashed was one of the best nights of my fucking life!!! But having to go back to work after half a day's rest sucked. But afterwards the work week was pretty good. I've come to find out how much I love Johnny Fucking Christ <333333 Much love to the best Bassist in the fucking world.

THE show was WICKED!!!!!! When Black Tide came on I was like ' Okay their not gonna be that great' god was I wrong.They stole the show far as opening act's go. The other two bands were ok except for the last one I wont even type their name. The lead singer sounded like M.Shadows trying to Axle Rose trying to be M.shadows.

When A7x took the stage I was in awe and all I could think of was that they were real and not a dream. When Matt opened his mouth to talk or sing I would melt. Johnny rocked the bass hardcore , I felt it through out my body. Brian kept stealing my attention from Zacky.

I would so do it again.

1 And trust her with my life - I let her in my veins
+Sighs+ here we go! [28 Aug 2007|06:10pm]
[ mood | gloomy ]

well my ex is trying to get me to go back out with him. + bloody fucking likely+ I might post my fan fic up some where I'm just not sure where or when. work is work and love is fucked up! I wish that everything would stop and I could just be happy for more than five seconds!!!!!!!

not much else

I let her in my veins
Syn [23 Aug 2007|07:32pm]

I let her in my veins
new fave. [23 Aug 2007|07:15pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

this is my new favortie bunch of lyrics

Excuse the obscene, ignore the untrue
Depictions we see, try and get through
And many mistakes cant hurt
I'm not the last but I sure ain't the first

From Critical acclaim

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